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Pittsburgh City Paper

Alex Gordon


Pittsburgh-based Peepshow is the sex podcast for life in 2018

"PJ and Jessie Sage address this evolving mainstream view of sexuality on Peepshow. The podcast, which debuted in October 2017 and has produced 11 episodes so far, is described as 'a sex-positive, feminist, and trans-inclusive platform for sex workers, academics, journalists, artists and activists to talk about important issues of sex and social justice.'"

"This was PJ and Jessie's first trip to the AVN awards. What they found there felt emblematic of the shifting industry as a whole. They noticed a diverse variety of performers, identities and presenters; a number of the educational sessions focused on DIY web-cam performers and other industry outliers."

"We're busy all the time," says Jessie. "What I think what’s going on there is a move away from the super high-tech and all immersive intense visual stimulation, going back to something that's more one-on-one, more intimate."

"The core of what people want remains the same," says PJ. "It’s still ultimately about human interaction and human intimacy and sexuality."


Kristina Marusic


We Have Officially Entered A Golden Age Of Queer Women In Podcasting

"In Peepshow, co-hosts Jessie and PJ Sage explore the intersections of sex, art, culture, and social justice through interviews with porn stars, sex workers, artists, writers, scholars and activists."

“'One of the reasons that we started this podcast was because, as part of both sex work and queer communities, PJ and I were surrounded by talented and dynamic women who had so much of value to say,' Jessie Sage tells NewNowNext. 'As a queer femme who is deeply steeped in queer and feminist politics, I work hard to both represent that perspective and to highlight the voices of the marginalized.'”


Erika Chan


Pittsburgh’s Newest Peepshow (Podcast)

"Though performing intimate labor, many sex workers spend a lot of time isolated from their peers. The Peepshow Podcast hopes to build community by exploring all types of sex work."

"Two single people meet via dating app. They are both brainy and sexy and into sex work (and each other). As a way to explore, expand and give back, they decide to start a podcast… We asked PJ and Jessie to tell us a bit more about their show, what their goals are and why people on cam should give it a listen."